Curt's Delectable FRESH Sauce with Meat

Anyone that has been around us Italians Knows that this by far is our favorite food. It is traditional in  every Italians home to have this at least once a week or more. This Version however is not how you will always find it. This is my take on a Fresh Tomato Sauce that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Pulverize 4.6 Pounds of Roma Tomatoes

When Complete will look like this :)

Gather up your ingredients for your meatballs:
3 Pounds Ground Turkey
2 Chopped Sprigs of Parsley
1 Container of VIGO Bread Crumbs
Eggs (2)
1 Container of Parmesan Cheese
Fresh garlic and Garlic powder
Red Wine (Be Generous)
2 Slices wet Bread

Add to bowl and Mix By Hand

Consistancy Should look a lot like this. Not super sticky and not super dry.

Next Fry 2 cans of tomato paste with fresh garlic and olive oil for a few minutes to cook in some flavor.

When Done pour Paste and Garlic into other sauce pan and fry your sausage.

Cook your meatball Mixture for 45 Minutes on 400 or until golden brown like these.
Hot and Mild Italian Sausages.

Add to Sauce pan on low heat. Stir Often.
  At this time also add 3 to 4 cups of wine, and any other dry spices you so choose.
I use:
Red Pepper, Black pepper, Salt, Garlic Powder, Oregano, Basil.
Any Other Fresh ingredients should be added 30 minutes before done.

Tonights Dinner Yum :)

Happy Cooking!


LoLy said…
WOW, I always LOVE fresh tomatoe sauce, the flavour is amazing, but I am always too lazy to make it :p

nice shots with your new camera! LOVE THE LAST ONE!
Ellen B Cookery said…
This looks so good! I could certainly make this with the sauce we made all last weekend and then more for friends since we have all the equipment. (One day I'll figure out why I put myself through this)