Curt's Pancake Recipe with Uncle Luke's Secret Apple Topping

I just had to tell you how excited I was to help launch my son's new blog and guest post for him.  I am so proud of him!  I also saw my brother post a photo to Facebook last week of his fabulous looking breakfast pancakes with apples. He gave me the tip on how he makes the apples so they cook all the way through and aren't undercooked inside. We always had that problem, so thanks to his tip and using Curt's pancake recipe from my blog @What's Cookin' we got some awesome pancakes to share with you!  Enjoy!

Pancakes with sauteed apples on top!
These smell awesome cooking

Almost a browned butter with cinnamon and sugar sauteed apples!

Apple Saute Topping:
You will need 2 tablespoons butter, 2 gala or mcintosh apples chopped, sugar and cinnamon mixed together around 3 tablespoons sugar with a teaspoon of cinnamon mixed together. Saute in butter, lightly sprinkle with sugar and cinnamon with the apples until soft, around 6 minutes.
Place a scattered spoonful of sauteed apples on each pancakes. Follow the recipe in the link below and instructions.

Thanks for visiting Curt's Delectable Food Vlog the above photo is his
 Curt's Uncle Luke (who is my brother) and me, Curt's mom Claudia from
 What's Cookin' Italian Cuisine )
Thank you brother for the awesome tip! They were delicious!


Big Dude said…
Good looking cakes and thanks for stopping by my blog.
Pam said…
Great pancakes and I will be trying the recipe along with the apple topping. Looks and sounds great!!! I am happy to be your newest follower, Curt! Happy cooking and blogging!!!
Pam said…
I meant vlogging!!!
Angie's Recipes said…
These pancakes look mouthwatering! Love the apple topping.
Catherine said…
Dear Curt, I love a good breakfast. These look wonderful.
I love your mama and have been sharing recipes with her. She is a good blogging friend.
I look forward to your recipes. You have had a wonderful influence.
Ciao, Catherine
Alida said…
A nice and interesting twist to the classic pancakes!
Ellen B Cookery said…
Curt, welcome to our foodie group!
Hi, Curt! I've seen your cooking and heard about you from your sweet mom over the past couple years. I'm so glad you have a blog of your own! Looking forward to seeing all your wonderful dishes!
Hi Curt, welcome to the blog world! Now following you to learn more of yours and your family's great recipes!!!! Roz @ 'la bella vita'
Elisabeth said…
Hi Curt, I'm so happy to see that you started your own your mom; she a good food blogger friend of mine...I can see where you get your cooking talent from. Glad to have you in our circle of friends!
Love your delicious and mouthwatering pancake with the apple topping!
BTW-I saw on your following list that you are following my blog, but it did not show up on blogger friend connect window! ...maybe you can check it on your end, if it went through; thanks~
I'm not sure that the apple topping would last long enough to make it onto pancakes!