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Zucchini Chicken Tomato Bean Stew Recipe

One pan, brings a delicious stew to the table 4 boneless chicken breasts cubed olive oil 2 or 3 fresh basil leaves 4 cloves smashed garlic 2 pounds plum tomatoes pureed 1/4 cup white wine 3 zucchini cubes 2 cups fresh cleaned cut string beans or canned 1 teaspoon each oregano, parsley, salt and pepper to taste In a large dutch oven or fry pan, sauté the chicken in olive oil with garlic. When slightly browned, add the tomatoes, spice wine and vegetables. Simmer on low until soft around 1 hour. Add the basil at the end.  Great over pasta or rice. Serve with Italian bread to sop up the sauce.

My Mom's and My Favorite Meat Spinach Ravioli Recipe

Here is a great combination for a meat lovers Ravioli dish! My mom uses crushed meatballs and fresh sauté spinach, then more mixed together with my Traditional Sunday Sauce,  the next generation these by far are my favorite! Well here are two ways to do these, quick and easy or homemade,  you choose. I will give you both versions! Homemade way: (click links for the recipes) 1 dough recipe for Mom's homemade ravioli dough 1 recipe for  meatballs around 12 to 14 meatballs in sauce crushed (she usually fries the hamburger loose in a pan same mixture to save time then adds sauce.) Sunday Sauce my Traditional Sauce the next generation  1  recipe of fresh spinach sauté in olive oil in garlic     Curt's Traditional Sunday Sauce "The Next Generation" Make the ravioli dough. Fill them: Stuff them with a mixture of meatballs crushed and 1 package of fresh spinach sauté in olive oil and garlic mixed all together. Using around 1 teaspoon or so depen

Stuffed Italian Dirty Roll Recipe

Hey Everyone! There is so much meat in this roll we named it a dirty roll. Stuffed  pizza dough  with everything but the kitchen sink as my mom and grandma would say! Here is goes: 5 to 6 slices chopped in small pieces of: Salami I used Genoa Prosciutto (Italian ham) Capicolla (hot ham) Mortadella (bologna with pistachios in it) Pepperoni Cooked Sausage 2 - 1lb bags of pizza dough homemade or store bought Place all chopped meats in a bowl and mix together. Add 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, 1/4 cup grating cheese, 2 tablespoons chopped fresh parsley and optional chopped peppers, onions or mushrooms. Roll out pizza dough 1/2 thick, spread one dough with half the meat. Do the same with the second one.  Brush with butter or olive oil sprinkle top of dough with garlic powder or rub with garlic cloves and more grating cheese. Bake at 430 hot preheated oven until browned on top.