Easter Bunny Cars

Hey friends. I am sharing with you a quick and easy treat to make with your kids for Easter.

It is made with simple ingredients and takes no time to make at all.

Being a mother of little children I like to find activities to do with my kids that they can make for the Holidays.

The best part about this is that they can eat them right after they are done making them.

These little Easter Bunny Cars are perfect for an Easter party or dinner.

A picture of a completed Easter Bunny Car

A Perfect Activity For Kids

If you are a parent then you know when it comes to cooking or an event or Holiday you want them to feel included.

This is a perfect idea to do with them.

A great activity for them to do Easter morning after they find their Easter Basket.

Set them up at the table and give them a quick tutorial and let them finish the rest.

A picture of a child assembling an Easter Bunny Car

Simple Ingredients

Another great thing about this Easter treat is they are made with the simplest ingredients.

The kids will be so excited and have so much fun making these Easter Bunny Cars.

This delicious food art is a great way to get the kids excited for the Holiday and get them involved.

All of the ingredients are store-bought so no need to be in the kitchen for hours prepping.

A picture of the ingredients needed for this food art project

An Edible Project

The best part for the kids is after they are done assembling their Easter Bunny Cars, they get to eat them.

I know after my kids made theirs they dug right in and started eating them.

I remember while they were making these they wanted to eat them before they were all done.

The kids feel proud of themselves that they made their very own Easter treats.

A picture of a child eating an Easter Bunny Car

This is a wonderful way to get your little ones excited and ready for Easter. I hope you try these and enjoy them.


One 8 pack of Bunny Marshmallow Peeps
One package of white chocolate covered Flipz pretzels
One Package of Twinkies
8 Miniature Oreo cookies
One container of white frosting
Sprinkles (you can choose any color you like, I went with green and pink for Easter)


1. Cut a small portion out of the top of each Twinkie. You will need enough space for a Bunny Peep and a Pretzel. (Best for parents to do this part. No knives for the little ones)

2. Separate each miniature Oreo and remove the white filling.

3. Dab a little white frosting onto each miniature Oreo and stick it on each side of the Twinkie. These are going to be your wheels. The frosting is your glue.

4. Dip the top of each Flipz pretzel into the frosting just to coat it a little. Then dip the frosted side of the pretzel in your sprinkles. Let sit for 5 minutes to set.

5. Insert one frosted and sprinkled pretzel into the top of each Twinkie where you cut out the hole. The pretzel is going to be your steering wheel.

6. Insert one Marshmallow Bunny Peep behind each pretzel in the Twinkie and you have a completed Easter Bunny Car.

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