Chocolate Cheating Pudding Cake Recipe

We all have times when we need something made fast!

You have company coming at the last minute or you have a dinner scheduled that slipped your mind? And now you need to make a meal and dessert.

Don't have time to spend hours on a recipe because you have to get the house ready or you have to work and don't have the energy to make something elaborate.

Don't worry this dessert is so easy and quick to make you and your company won't believe how good it tastes.

Chocolate Cheating Pudding Cake

What You Need

  • 1 Store Bought Bundt Style Chocolate Cake

  • 1 Large Tub of Nondairy Whipped Topping

  • 8 snack packs of Chocolate Pudding (Or You Could Buy The Box Mix of Chocolate Pudding, It Doesn't Take Long To Make)

  • 1 square disposable pan


1. Slice the cake into thin slices and place the sliced cake making a layer on the bottom of the pan.

2. Top with 4 of your Chocolate snack pack pudding cups. Spread evenly.

3. Add another layer of sliced cake.

4. Top the second layer of cake with the remaining 4 snack pack pudding cups.

5. Slather the entire top with whipped topping.

And that's it! Simple, quick and tastes absolutely delicious!! No need to worry about what you will do for dessert when this is done in no time.

To make this even better, you can add a little more to the top. After adding your whipped topping, sprinkle some chocolate sprinkles or chocolate chips.

Or you can crush up your favorite candies, like Butterfinger or Reese's and sprinkle that on the top.

So many ways to make this even better. Enjoy.