Open Faced Calzone Pizza with Meat, Peppers, Mushrooms Recipe

If you have the time I totally recommend you making homemade pizza dough.
You can add any topping you like but this ends up being a whole meal in itself. Easy and everyone is more than satisfied!  

Leftover sausage sliced from Sunday Sauce
Curt's Next Generation Sauce
Meatballs sliced leftover for Sunday Sauce
Chopped  or sliced Peppers Roasted are great on this pizza
Sliced Mushrooms
Black Olives
Grating Cheese
Mozzarella use Whole Milk it melts better and taste better
Parsley, basil and oregano fresh when possible

1 lb fresh dough or pizza shell Here's Mom's Pizza Dough Recipe

Spread the dough out on cookie sheet or pizza pan, it's easier using shortening to spread out than olive oil makes it shrink back and then let it rise around 1 hour, however I use parchment paper to avoid the extra calories.  Add  the toppings of everything your heart desires from the options above. Top with grating cheese and mozzarella and bake on a hot preheated oven of 430 degrees until browned and bubbly. Serve on a dish using a knife and fork it can become extremely messy!  Enjoy!