Mom's Cannoli Cupcakes and Our Video Recipe

The filling is rich and smooth, the cupcake with a hint of Marsala wine.
A famous Italian popular pastry filling used in the Cannoli.
That's what's inside this wonderful and
easy to make filled cupcake!

Tonight we are doing a hangout on Google + on how to make these, if you miss it you can watch the video. If you love cannoli, you will love this easy recipe we are going to show you how to make and assemble, a great dessert that my mom makes @ What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine. If you are on google plus the hangout is at 6:00 EST time February 17th under Events, Italian Cannoli Cupcakes. Everyone's invited. If you can't that's ok we will post the video for you to watch I will post below sometime after 8:00 EST tonight.  Hope you can make it!