Homemade Nutella "Cannoli Filled" Tarts Recipe

To make the shells she has these silicone molds than come out perfect. Check out Mom's blog today @What's Cookin'Italian Style Cuisine she has many Italian recipes you will enjoy!
Mom makes a great cannoli! They are alot more work than I hae time for!  I love the ease of this filled tart. Together we made the perfect cannoli tart we both will enjoy for years to come. She has been making these for a long long time. I just
dressed them up a little. They sure tasted amazing and I am proud to present Mom's and my creations of a homemade Nutella Cannoli tart~!  +Curt Iffert Author

Easier than you think to make. There is Homemade Nutella, Mom's Ricotta Cannoli Filling and her homemade Tart dough that makes up this recipe.  Then the crusts are dipped into melted chocolate crushed Pistachio's and filled with Nutella then a yummy Cannoli filling. Sound good? Well here is how to do this:
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Make the cannoli filling set in the refrigerator until ready to fill. 
Make the tart shells, cool set aside.  Dip the edges of the cooled shells into melted semi sweet chocolate chips and then dip the edges into the chocolate then crushed pistachio's. Let dry.
Fill with a teaspoon of homemade or store bought Nutella.
Add the cups with the above recipe for Mom's Ricotta Cannoli Filling on top of the Nutella.  Sprinkle with more chopped Pistachio's for garnish and serve....