Turkey Cranberry Panini Melt Sandwich

Leftover Turkey works perfectly with this great tasting sandwich

8 slices turkey breast
4 sliced pepper Jack or provolone cheese
4 Slices Thick Cut Italian Bread
4 teaspoons cranberry sauce
1/2 cup jar roasted red peppers drained
Cooking Spray or use butter

Preheat Panini maker or use a cast iron skillet.
Spray the outside of the bread and panini maker or butter.
Spread 1/2 teaspoon cranberry sauce on each bread bottom half.
Fold turkey in half and place 2 slices on bottom half of the one slice of bread.
Place 1 slice cheese or more on top of turkey slices. Dice peppers and divide evenly over top of the cheese. Place on the preheated panini maker and cook until cheese is melted.  You can also bake these in foil in the oven on 375 degree sprayed with cooking oil.


Greg said…
Panini were my favorite street vendor lunch when I was in Italy. They were quick, always delicious and easy to eat as you run from one spot to another. This Thanksgiving version sounds delicious.
Amelia said…
Hi Curt, your panini look so good. Thanks for the simple and delicious recipe. High time to take out my panini maker which I have not use for a long time. :)

Have a great week ahead,regards.
Holy cow, I want one of these sammi's NOW, Curt! Alas, I have no more left-over turkey now!