Happy Halloween 5 Minute Dessert Recipes

Chocolate Dirt Nap Graveyard Pie

Witchy Pumpkin Pie Dessert

Seriously easy of course I don't bake!

For the graveyard dessert:

Use store bought chocolate cookies
snack pack chocolate pudding
soft molasses or pumpkin cookies that cut easy
any store bought frosting
skull picks that are found at any party store
ziplock bag
optional gummy worms

Frost a molasses cut in half cookie with Nutella. Use frosting place in a ziplock bag end snipped to write Gorey sayings.
Fill a dessert cup with pudding, sprinkle with crumbled chocolate cookies. Add cookie to the back, stick the pick inside the dirt. If you happen to have gummy worms stick them in the dirt too!

Pumpkin Witch Pie:
1 box pumpkin spice instant pudding made by package directions
individual graham cracker store bought crusts
whipped topping
candy corns
Witch picks

Pour into prepared crusts, top with whipped topping. Decorate with witch picks and candy corns.



Great shortcut recipes, Curt! I need to send them to my son :)
Amelia said…
Hi Curt, your spooky dessert look excellent and delicious. You're very creative.

Have a nice Halloween party.