Curts Delectable Portabello Veggie Pizza

Tastes ever better thank it looks!

1 Large portabello mushroom Chopped
2 Peppers Chopped You can use green, red or orange
Fresh Roma Tomatoes About 5 will do it
1 Block of Fresh Mozzarella Chopped
1 Can of favorite pizza sauce (We use Don Pepinos)
Fresh Dough or Pre-made

Spread out sauce evenly

Layer your ingredients

Yum Look at that Cheese!!!

Bake at 425 Degrees until brown on bottom and cheese melted for best results, we like ours crispy!
Is it cool enough yet?! Lets goooo!


Elisabeth said…
Wow, Curt...this certainly is one delicious vegetarian pizza I would love to eat...yumm!
Elisabeth said…
Don't know if my comment is going thru..clicked the x first by mistake I think...Love, love your yummy portobello pizza!
Carole said…
Wow, a load load of topping on there! Fantastic! How about linking it in to Food on Friday: Pizza? Have a great week!
Angie's Recipes said…
This looks mouthwatering!
The baked tomatoes on the background are super too.
Elisabeth Thanks :) And yes comments are working.

Carole How would I go about that?

Angie it was most definatley mouth watering! :)
Drick said…
I dunno Curt, this looks pretty awesome to me, I don't think anyone would quibble of its taste... and I love the ingredient 'pre-made moms dough recips', wish I had that as handy as you...
@Drick perry ~ no one here took a second glance at it. It is definitely a good way to eat pizza without the meat. The portobello mushrooms make a good substitute for meat.