Chicken Wing Sauce Guest Post 18 Delectable Sauce Recipes

Hey all!
Here is one of my guest posts on What's Cookin Italian Cuisine!

This was a guest post on @Whats' Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine maybe you remember this one?

Grilled  Italian Style Chicken Wings

Do you like Chicken Marsala? Click here for a few more great sauce recipes from Curt for your wings! I am a huge wing fan, some of these go great with fish too!


motherrimmy said…
Fantastic collection of sauces!
Amelia said…
Hi Curt, wow... thank you for sharing all the wonderful sauce. Excellent!

Have a nice week ahead.
Saucy Siciliana said…
Wow, you sure know a lot about sauces. The only sauce I know is olive oil, vinegar and salt...which I put on salads:) Thank you so much for the birhtday wishes for Sayaka!
Alida said…
wow so many nice sauces to go with it!! Thank you for sharing them. You are a passionate great cook!
Amanda said…
Holy crap! That's a whole lotta sauce! I just bookmarked it for later. Definitely something for everyone here!
Wow, what a great variety! Imma have to try that Chili lime, yummy!! Sounds great for tailgating...
@motherrimmy ~ glad you like these :)
@Amelia ~ you're welcome. Enjoy!
@Francesca ~ I to have made the olive oil, vinegar and salt for my salads. These sauces were a big hit for me and everyone enjoyed them very much. The best part is the variety. A little something for everyone :)
@Alida ~ glad you like them. You to are a great cook. have a good day :)
@Amanda ~ everyone does the traditional hot wings, but this is a variety for everyone :)
@Dana ~ Yes, that's exactly what we created this recipe for...TailGating!