Roasted Tomatoes with Stuffed Italian Meatball, Melted Provolone

A guest post I did on What's Cookin' Italian Cuisine. Since my Vlog backround photo went up I had many ask what the recipe was so I am reposting the photo's here and link back to the original recipe posted. Hope you all enjoy this one. This recipe is one of my favorites!

This is the photo you see in my background, one of my guest posts.

The stuffing for the tomatoes

Carefully hollowed out

I used the pulp to make a fresh tomato sauce with pasta and vegetables
For the complete instructions and recipe CLICK HERE    thanks for reading Curt's Delectable Food Vlog! 


Angie's Recipes said…
Joanne said…
That looks AMAZINGLY good! I would simply sub. the meat for the "meatless" and make it a winner for me! As for my hubby, he'll be over to your place immediately!
Ellen B Cookery said…
I've had stuffed tomatoes before and think the person who made them needs lessons from you as to how they should look. This is incredible! YUM!
Thank you All for the wonderful comments! They are juicy and delicious! I woke up one morning and called my mother and said "you know what I got a great idea!" and this was born :) ENJOY!

Zoe said…
This idea is brilliant. Eating meatball in the form of stuffed tomatoes. Look yummy to me.

This is my first time visiting your blog... Now following you via Twitter and blogger :D
Pam said…
Woo hoo! I love Italian meatballs and this is over the top with the tomato all that "oozie" cheese! You had a great idea for sure! Thanks for the recipe!
Pam said…
Woo hoo! This is great! I love Italian meatballs and this is over the top with the meat, tomato and all that "oozie" cheese. Plus, it makes a great background for your vlog! Thanks for the recipe!
Savoring Italy said…
Stuffed tomatoes are wonderful to have when they're ripe in the summer. Super recipe and happy you shared it here:)
Thank you Pam and Zoe! Appreciate it very much!
Torviewtoronto said…
looks wonderful lovely meal
Amelia said…
This dish look awesome. Your blog background picture look great.

Have a nice weekend, regards.
Elisabeth said…
I love your creativity with this superb stuffed tomatoes! Never made it or even had it like this. So pretty, colorful, and certainly moist and delicious!

Love the recipe...thanks for sharing:D
WOW. That right there is perfection. What an awesome idea! Thanks for the follow on twitter! You have a great blog.
LoLy said…
OMG. Heavenly good :D