Curt's Delectable Homemade Italian Hot Pockets

+Curt Iffert  Author


Elisabeth said…
Curt, these hot pockets look and must taste so droolworthy, delicious! Love your creative take on them:D
BTW- for some reason on my blog blogger was asking permission to accept your friendship; something different that I haven't encountered before. Your following shows up now!
Catherine said…
Dear Curt, I was not able to get this video to work. I did get to read the ingredients and it does sound good, but the video never started. I hope this info helps you. Blessings dear. Catherine
Catherine said…
Dear Curt, Letting you know I tried again and it does work. Hooray!! Looks terrific!! Ciao, Catherine
Just the list of ingredients made me hungry! Your hot pockets look fantastic~
Drick said…
yummy - esp like the blue cheese pocket - really nice Curt
Thanks Elizabeth, Catherine, Lizzy and Drick! And Yes Drick I agree the Blue Cheese was Amazing. They are so easy to make to!

Ellen B Cookery said…
I love this concept AND I want to come to your house for dinner :) YUM!
Amelia said…
Hi Curt, this hot pockets look excellent. Thanks for sharing. yum yum